Safety In Numbers

There is no safety in numbers. Not for her.

Crowds entrap and surround her. She cannot escape. Break free. Be an individual. A crowd is the most terrifying experience possible. For her.

Far from obscurity or anonymity, a crowd means more people to judge her. Suspect her. Belittle her.

A crowd expects conformity. Enforces it. In a crowd, she has to be someone. Something that she is not. In a crowd, being different, being herself is not an option.

Do not rock the boat. Do not be difficult. Do not be different. Do not be.

These are the laws of the crowd.

Being alone she can rock boats. Buck systems. She can be different. Herself.

Being alone she can think. Relax. Believe.

Being alone she can be.

Being alone, she can.

Copyright © 2017 Bronwyn Joy Hansen. All Rights Reserved.
Iamge; Crowd by James Cridland ([CC 2.0] via Flickr)

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