poetry, writing

Summers from a Childhood

Fires banned, cold meat and salad replace barbeques

Ears strain until the sound of Greensleeves drifts down the street

Our destination, outside number five

Us, licking sherbet covered soft serves

Mum, a double choc dip cone; Dad the same with nuts


Fights over who will be first to bat

Up a tree, six and out

An evening of street cricket amongst friends

A broken window scatters children, the game abandoned

Longer days give time for grander adventures

Beneath windows cicadas serenade children to sleep


In tank tops, Hawaiian shorts, terry towelling hats

Bare skin fuses to the vinyl seats of the EH Special

Our destination the public pool

Us, armed with kickboards, floaties, masks

Mum, a green vinyl bag of drinks, towels, sun tan lotion


Fights over the towel spots next to Mum

Dropping shorts reveal pre-fitted togs

An afternoon swimming, collecting drink cans, loose change

Bracing for second-degree seat belt buckle burns

Chlorinated togs, towels consume the laundry trough

Pyjamas cling to incandescent, calamine painted skin


In cotton shirts, knee high socks, sandals

Feet skim the pavement in a race to the car

Our destination, Grandma’s for Christmas Dinner

Us, clutching new favourite toys

Mum, a basket of presents; Dad, a cooler of beer, trifle


Fights over who will get the wishbone

Ripping paper reveals yet more socks

An afternoon eating, unwrapping gifts, playing with cousins

Bracing for cheek-pinching, hair ruffling aunts

Lifted from the car, sleeping children stir

Faithful bears dangle from familiar, loving hands

Copyright © 2017 Bronwyn Joy Hansen. All Rights Reserved.

Image: Lyon Maid Ice Cream Van By Gizur (via wikicommons [CC3])

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