Fiction, Nano Fiction


One moment it is there, the next it has vanished. She knows it has been there. Yet when she turns on the lamp, it is nowhere to be seen.

How odd, she thinks. Something that big cannot just disappear without a trace. Can it? Putting it out of her mind, she plumps up the pillows, turns off the lamp.

Instantly it returns, engulfing her room. She feels it closing in. It surrounds her, encircles the bed, peers through the gap in the curtains.

Again she reaches for the lamp. Too late, light saturates the room. Once again it has outwitted her. This time she is going to find it, seek it out.

Flinging back the covers, she hangs over the side of her bed. There is nothing under there.

Rising, she checks the wardrobe. Nothing. The bedroom door is closed. It cannot have got out without her hearing it leave.

Yet it is not in the room. Cannot be there. She has looked everywhere it can hide without success. Maybe it was all a dream, she muses.

Back in bed, she adjusts her pillows. As soon as she clicks the lamp off, it all begins again. She sighs, resigns herself to the fact that there is nothing more she can do.

The dark will be with her all night.

Copyright © 2017 Bronwyn Joy Hansen. All Rights Reserved.
Image; Window In A Dark Room by David Jackmanson ([CC2.0]via Flikr)

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