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Daily Prompt: Bumble

via Daily Prompt: Bumble

A little while back, the Daily Prompt gave us the word bumble. As is all too often the case, I was distracted by daily life and saved an empty draft.

This week the exercise at the writers’ group I attend was to write a fifty-word story. The word bumble instantly came to mind.

Here is the result.


Bumble yawned. It was getting light. He stretched and rose.

Bumble went down to the kitchen. The table was bare. Annoyed, he went upstairs.

Rose was still in bed.

Approaching the bed, Bumble called at the top of his voice.

“Alright! I’m awake! What’s the emergency?

“Meow!” Bumble answered her.

Copyright © 2017 Bronwyn Joy Hansen. All Rights Reserved.
Image Copyright © 2017 BronwynJoy Hansen. All Rights Reserved.

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