Fiction, Nano Fiction

The Global Dispostioning System

‘The map’s wrong.’

‘It can’t be wrong. It’s a GPS.’

‘Well, maybe they programmed it wrong.’

She chose to ignore that. It was like this every time they drove to an appointment in the city.

‘Where do we get off the motorway? Do I need to change lanes?’

‘It just says straight for twelve kilometres to Monash,’ she answered.

‘Do we get off at Monash, or stay on the motorway? I need to be in the right lane if we have to exit.’

‘I just told you,’ she sighed.

‘You can find your own way, next time if you’re going to be like that.’

‘Continue ten kilometres,’ the GPS announced with an English accent.

‘I could have looked it up in the directory just as easily.’

‘Is that why Dad used to write out directions to Aunt Pat’s?’

Her mother glared her.

‘It was a joke,’ she lied.

Copyright © 2017 Bronwyn Joy Hansen. All RIghts Reserved.
Image; Public Domain.

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