Since the Australian Federal Government started their appalling postal ballot to legalise same-sex marriage, freedom of speech in Australia has lost its long battle with censorship and fascism and died.

Laws have been passed banning “hate speech” against same-sex marriage. These laws, dubbed by some as 18GLBTQI, basically say that even being a “no” voter is hateful and homophobic.

Yet it is the “yes” campaign that has constantly verbally – and physically – attacked those opposed to changing our laws.

  • “Yes” campaigners have been found selling stolen voting forms on Facebook.
  • Employees have been sacked for putting vote no filters on their personal social media profile photos.
  • Peaceful stallholders distributing vote no literature have been attacked and threatened on university campuses.
  • “Celebrity” gay “comedians” have tweeted that all politicians opposed to changing the law should be anally raped.
  • Our former Prime Minister has been physically assaulted in a Hobart street.

Yet, how many of these violent, hateful, same-sex campaigners and their thuggish supporters have been charged or even arrested under the new anti-vilification laws?


Major sporting leagues have changed their logo to the word “yes”, wrongly giving the perception that all employees, players, and followers of their code support this change to our laws.

Facebook has removed “offensive” posts, even pages, by “no” campaigners and voters, simply because they are voting “no.”

And now, sadly, WordPress has jumped on the bandwagon. Every time that I log into my account, I am confronted with a rainbow flag banner, emblazoned across the top of my screen. A banner that I did not ask to have – or pay to have – displayed on my account.

No corporate entity should be enforcing their political views on or censoring their clients.

Before you start spamming me with abuse, I would like to point out that I am a member of the LGBTQI community myself, and that I am not against marriage equality itself. 

My issue is with the method forced on the Government by an Opposition who until last year insisted that they would never support marriage equality – including the gay Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, the Hon. Senator Wong (pictured). They then tried to block any attempt to allow the people of Australia to exercise their democratic right to vote on whether or not our laws should be changed.

As recently as three weeks ago, Greens and so-called Independent MPs, along with George Soros backed activist group GetUp! and others, went to the High Court of Australia, seeking to silence the Australian people.

Nobody has the right to stop people voting in a democratic nation like Australia. 

AUS$122 million is being wasted on a non-compulsory, non-binding, postal survey. Why wasted? Because the Government is not bound to accept the result. 

The yes vote could win, and the Government can still refuse to change the law. Alternatively, if the no vote gets up  which is looking increasingly likely – the Government has the right to amend the Marriage Act to allow same-sex marriage regardless of the will of the people.

Meanwhile, we have thousands of Australian children living in poverty. Over one hundred thousand Australians are homeless. Our health system is a disgrace. Australia’s Indigenous peoples continue to die from preventable diseases.

So please, remember that it IS ok to vote NO.

Copyright © 2017 Bronwyn Joy Hansen. All Rights Reserved.
Image; Australian Labor Party leaders quoted on ALP same-sex
marriage policy. Public Domain.