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This is the result of an exercise on descriptive writing my local writers’ group.

Each member was given a photograph of a person. Our task was to write a description that would allow someone to identify the subject of the photo without saying who it was.

The time limit for the exercise was five minutes.

Can you identify the person in my photo?

He reminded me of a hound dog without his teddy bear. I met him in the ghetto, down at the end of Lonely Street.

He told me he was lonesome tonight. We spoke for a while. Well, I don’t have a wooden heart!

“You were always on my mind,” he told me.

In the end, I had to say “a little less conversation, please.”

Our encounter left me all shook up.

How did you go?

I am thinking of expanding this piece. What do you think?

Copyright © 2018 Bronwyn Joy Hansen. All Rights Reserved.
Image; postcard of First Methodist Church, Tupelo, Mississippi.  Public Domain, via wikimedia.org

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