A Little Less Conversation

Since moving to, I have been blessed with a wonderful readership. My collected works have been seen over a thousand times. For that, I would like to say thank you.

As well as reading and – hopefully – enjoying my musings, some readers have also left comments. Again, thank you. Writing online gives – I feel – unprecedented opportunity for providing feedback to and interaction with, writers.

That makes this decision all that more difficult.

Sadly, it is not only generous, heartfelt remarks from my readers that are left on my comments pages. Removing spam comments is a daily chore for the online writer – one that I am no longer prepared to waste my time with.

So, I am said to announce that as of today, 2 December 2018, commenting will be disabled on all posts. 

As the good book says, dont panic!

You can still share your thoughts on my works via the Contact page.

Spammers cannot.

Thank you for your understanding.

Copyright ©2018 Bronwyn Joy Hansen. All Rights Reserved.
Image; Fried Spam by BrokenSphere 2008. [CC3.0(via wikki commons]